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raul_guerrero_club_guadalajara1 Raúl Guerrero, “Club Guadalajara de Noche”, 1989, oil on linen, 27 x 168 inches

Raul Guerrero has been an important presence on the Southern California art scene – particularly in the San Diego/Tijuana region – for more than twenty years. Making paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, and videotapes, he has forged an expansive, ever-evolving vision – one that combines technical innovation with symbolic power. Although his style ranges from early conceptually based abstraction to recent narrative realism, Guerrero’s self-described “search for the poetry of life” is a constant in all of this work. Traveling and reading voraciously, Guerrero continually engages the histories of culture in the United States, Latin America, and Europe, culling images and ideas for his art.

Guerrero’s search for images, ideas, and experiences has taken him to countless other places including Berlin, Managua, Madrid, Tangiers, and a farmstead in Iowa. An unreformed romantic, he instinctively seeks out the beautiful, the dramatic, and the tragic.

“Hatred, passion, love of a city, a continent- these may all be seen as iconic art objects.” Like the 15th century Spanish explorer, Juan de Cardenas, Guerrero is an explorer. But the territory he explores is largely intangible: it is the tumult of history and culture clashes that have shaped the Americas and the globe during the 500 years since Columbus.